From the state of Lower Saxony to the international market

Casala was founded at Lauenau (Lower Saxony) in 1917. These days the German sales office with showroom is established here. Casala’s history is more tempestuous than its age should suggest. In 1917 the production of wooden shoe soles was started. It was not long before Casala concentrated on the production of wooden furniture, and later on metal and upholstered furniture as well. Casala made a reputation for itself with school furniture in the 1950s. In the 1980s and 1990s ownership changed a few times.

Nowadays Casala is established at Culemborg, owned by Paul and Frank van der Winkel.Currently Casala produces modern contract furniture with a long lifespan. Rapid handling times, flexible use and technical innovations are first and foremost in its development. Ninety years of experience in the furniture industry guarantee that, besides looking good, Casala’s chairs are comfortable as well. Casala is active in over 25 countries worldwide.