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How does a chair feel, and is it comfortable? Which table is a good match? What makes the materials and colours come out best, what will it look like in a space? In order to get answers to these questions, one should feel such a chair in peace and quiet, look at it and sit down on it. Experience for oneself how easy our chairs can be stacked, coupled and transported.

To receive answers to all the above questions, we are pleased to meet you soon in our Clerkenwell showroom in the creative heart of London. All current models are present here. Visit us! We’ll take plenty of time for you and show you the details and possibilities for combinations and use.

New Clerkenwell Showroom

We will be moving into our new Clerkenwell Showroom in early 2018. Address:

2 Sycamore Street, Clerkenwell, London, EC1Y 0SF. Get your directions here.